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Our training methodology has as objective to understand and approach in a structured way competencies, which the participants have to achieve in a visible way. Alongside theoretical concepts and best international practices, that include:
Case studies - during courses, the participants are involved in solving practical cases, inspired from reality, special created to determine them in finding comparable solutions with those of their curent problems, which were identified during training need assessment.
Experiential learning - we involve the participants in very interactive sessions, without risks, which create a pleasant learning atmosphere, meant to stimulate easy access from theory to practice.
Stimulations and roll plays - these are exercises taking place in several phases, giving the possibility of experiencing the changing process, useful for improving organization activity. Each participant will be able to formulate his/her own Action Plan for applying the new abilities acquired during the training.

We ground our performance improvement solutions on using scientific managerial instruments, internationally validated, with outstanding results all over the world.

Corporate Dynamics is a strategic partner of Behavioural Science System for MomentumCPI and authorized centre for the consultants interested in utilizing the MomentumCPI instrumens in Romania and Eastern Europe.