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To insure a high level of quality and continuity, our consultants pay special attention to each step of the training processes, starting with first meeting until the end of the program. Right identification and deep understanding of training needs is our premise from which we develop the theme of a course that is practical and adapted to the participants’ reality. Corporate Dynamics is using the best method, in accordance with the internal performance management system, available time and allocated budget.

Before starting the training program, participants are involved in a preparatory process that can include self evaluations and feedback instruments helping people to focus on key concepts of the program and to understand its role and benefits. Every course is finalized with a Personal Action Plan. Three-four weeks after the training program, we organize different types of follow-up sessions in order to monitor, refresh the new gained abilities and skills.

We involve ourselves in measuring results, the level and quality of performance indicators of the programs we implement. In this regard, we use specific technologies for ROI measurement, learning programs level, and we also measure participants’ reaction during the courses, the learning behavioral changes and the effects on the performance increase.