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Corporate Dynamics International is one of the most respected and appreciated training and consulting companies and is among the leaders of training and HR Consultancy in Romania. Starting with its foundation, in 2002, our company has been building its success on the complex understanding of people and organizations dynamics in which these people activate and on developing personalized solutions destined to accelerate our client’s performanceSince 2011, the company operates at European level. This is possible through our network of local partners, companies and independent professionals specialized in management development, training and coaching..

Positive and honest, we have a specific and direct approach, oriented to build competitive capabilities and advantages that respond to the desired results. Alongside our clients, we promote a collaborative culture, characterized by passion, authentic communication and trust. We use modern know-how and instruments, on which we build programs for improving performance, implemented through blended learning solutions: Experiential Training | E-learning | Coaching.

blended learning, training, E-learning, Coaching