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TRAINING - Courses with visible and measurable results, built on the specific needs of each client. We use experiential learning techniques and we are concerned of positive behavioral change of the participants.

E-LEARNING - On-line learning catalogue; two on-line learning platforms: CrossKnowledge and CD E-Campus, with dedicated Learning Management System, compatible with SCORM and AICC standards.

COACHING - Executive Coaching and Team Coaching for stimulating both employee development and managerial performance in organizations.

TEAM BUILDING - We support team performance through developing and implementing of creative indoor and outdoor concepts: experiential learning, specific instruments, activities followed by debriefings with applicability in real business.


PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - Human Resources integrated strategies, stimulating performance both individual and team level, HR processes optimization, appraisal system development.

BOARD CONSULTING - Knowledge, practical experience and the strategic perspective of Corporate Dynamics consultants are the resources that bring a unique contribution to the success of our clients.