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Training Coaching
Under our accredited consultants’ guidance in coaching, the managers that attend the training have the possibility to develop a managerial supportive delegative style, that allows both personal performance growth and professional development of their subordinates. Our courses approach the frame and the parameters of executive coaching relationship, base practices and techniques in coaching, questioning, developing efficient action plans, facilitate learning and results for subordinates.

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching addressed to managers and directors allows extracting from the owned frame of reference, accomplishment of a strategic vision about the future and identifies efficient solutions for the problems that affect managerial performance. Strategic individual coaching focuses on aim, objectives, actions or specific ambitions of every manager under the pressure of results need.

Executive Team Coaching.
Using a systematic approach, we help managerial teams to crystallize and to assume their mission. Based on a collective profile, coaching process allows accompaniament for the team unto performance through translating the mission in operational, cultural and evolution objectives. Team coaching allows the team to discover, to learn and to exercise practical modalities to develop its own competence.