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FRAME of REFERENCE. There are many titles which the corporatist world generates when trying to attract and keep the best talents and the most productive employees. Regardless the title, what really matters is to manage to be the right person at the right place. It all starts with you and your inner peace, followed by your professional capacity and the respect for things well done, the team and the clients for whom you work. We reward the results and we support you reach the highest level of performance that you are capable of.

OUR CULTURE. Corporate Dynamics people appraise honesty and the courage to be an “authentic” person, opened to changes and interested in performance. Key words: communication, diversity, responsibility, attention to details, trust, evolution, nonconformity, ownership, pro-activity. Your decision to do in our life what you really like, can be completed with our relaxed and friendly work environment, in which we challenge you to start your day at work in the same way we wish you to end it: with a smile on your face.

RECRUITMENT & SELECTION. The process starts with your answers to four sets of questions:
INFORMATION: who is Corporate Dynamics and what they do?
INTROSPECTION: who am I, what do I really want, what can I do with my talent at Corporate Dynamics?
CONTRIBUTION: how can I contribute to the success of the company, so that the company contributes to my success as well? Where can I integrate myself with responsibility and maximum of results?
REWARD: which is the correct rapport between my performance and the wanted reward?

If you know the answers to these questions and you want to join Corporate Dynamics team, apply to: